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Top 5 Questions

You know when you get on an airplane and you end up sitting next to the chatty person who asks your name, where do you live, and the most importantly what do you do? What do you tell them? Do you tell them the truth or do you fib a little?

Well when I was 18 I loved that airplane conversation. You know why? Because I was proud of what I did. I was a newly certified and hired personal trainer. When I told my fellow passenger what I did I usually got a little smile.

However what I didn’t know was the amount of questions that followed.

I would get questions like “Really? What do you think of this diet?” or “I’ve been trying to workout but I have no motivation, what do you do?” or “I’ve been trying to get rid of my belly fat, how do I do that?”

Now I LOVE talking about that, but after awhile sometimes you want to talk about something else. So now if I’m on a flight that lasts longer than an hour I tell them I’m an accountant because there doesn’t seem to be too many follow up questions (I mean no disrespect to accountants :).

I’ve been in the fitness/weight loss industry for 10 years and I’ve had THOUSANDS of people ask me questions and a lot of them are different and a lot of them are the same. I thought it would be helpful to answer the Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Q’s I get.

We will start with 5 and go down to 1…

5.) How do you get a butt like Kim Kardashian?

Answer: Kim Kardashian was blessed with the butt her momma gave her. She GENETICALLY has a big butt. Now you can squat and do butt exercises that increase your butt muscles and therefore makes them look bigger, but ultimately it comes down to what the good Lord blessed ya with.

4.) Should I weight train or should I run?

Answer: Cardio burns calories and weight training burns fat. Yes, you can do hours of cardio and still be flabby because you aren’t decreasing your body fat. Once you add weight training in you will see a decrease in fat and increase in muscle, which ultimately burns more calories.

3.) What do you think of detoxes?

Answer: Personally, I don’t like them. They are bandages that covers up bad habits temporarily. If you want to detox then eat clean not just for 7 days, 21 days, or 30 days but all the time. I am all for doing 7 day challenges to help jump start your diet but ultimately it’s about breaking bad habits. (If you want to learn how to finally kick bad habits for good and create habits that will make you successfully for life then check out 🙂

2.) How do I get rid of belly fat?

Answer: I don’t care how many crunches you do, if your diet isn’t good then your belly will reflect that. You need to break bad diet habits that is keeping your belly fat on.

1.) How do you have so much energy?

Answer: First, my mom has A TON of energy and I think she passed that on to me, and secondly I live my life in a way that it allows me to have enough energy to workout multiple times a day, run a gym, run a business online, spend time with my relationships, and sleep. After researching, analyzing, asking, and trying to figure it out I have discovered that there are critical and key steps that if you follow them in the right area you can have more energy too. 

Honestly that is the most common Q I get and it’s something I am figuring out. Do you wish you had more energy? Do you feel like you are slugglish? What would you do if you did have more energy?

Let me know by calling me @(323) 999-1432 or leaving me a comment below.

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