Ashley Clarke
Meeting Michelle literally changed my life. Within 6 months of training with her, I lost 20 pounds and dropped 4 pant sizes. I have been consistently working out for almost a year now, have completely revamped my diet (and my family’s), and all of my success has motivated my husband to join me in living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Michelle is awesome! She truly knows how to push you past your own individual limits.  She is so passionate about helping you meet your goals and she truly makes it her life’s work to get you there. She has become much more than my trainer, she truly is a friend.
breda kalinski
Breda Kalinski
My favorite aspect from Michelle’s coaching is her positive attitude and always trying to push you which is want you want and need in a coach. If you need something she is always there for you.  I would recommend Michelle to all my friends, family and co-workers. Not only is Michelle so passionate about what she does. She has so much knowledge in this field and is constantly learning and reading every day. She never stops.  Knowing that someone was there for me even on the days that I didn’t want to go running was amazing. It helped me to achieve my goal.
chris cikos
Chris Cikos
I would definitely recommend Michelle to my family and friends who needs the extra push of encouragement and someone that needs to be accountable for.  She knows her how to mold you into the shape that you want to be.  Overall Michelle is a wonderful person in general. She has so much to give to people and wants them to succeed in their personal goals.
michelle granados
Michelle Granados
As I reflect on the coaching Michelle has provided to me, I have gained two things: physical and mental strength.  Michelle taught me to push myself and be fearless.  Simple steps like a healthy breakfast or incorporating a fun activity on the weekend has all been lessons learned from Michelle’s coaching to build my physical and mental strength.  Michelle’s energy has been contagious especially needed at this point in my life.  I would recommend Michelle to a friend. Her coaching skills are very helpful and she is able to put diet and exercise into perspective based on individual needs. Michelle understands that life happens and she is able to work with you whether you are a beginner to or if you are active and you want to push yourself to the next level. Flexibility is important but what makes Michelle different is she will push you to your personal limits and beyond.  Not only is Michelle a great coach she is a good listener she will help you relieve stress through exercise. If there is a definition hybrid of a coach and friend, that would be Michelle.  
terry myerchin
Terrie Myerchin
I definitely gained confidence.  She knows what works and what doesn’t. The accountability was great, yet she is awesomely motivational. When I spend time with her I feel I can conquer the world!! She makes me feel human and allows me to recognize that I don’t have to be superwoman.  Getting into the brain made all of the difference to what I was doing and why.
terry leary
Terry Leary
Over the past year, I have grown so much stronger and accomplished things I didn’t even dare dream of, prior to working with Michelle.  She has always encouraged me and believed that I could do more.  She is so supportive and validating, yet really gets me to give 110%.  Michelle is a great motivator and really gets to know her clientele, supporting everyone to succeed in their individual goals.  She is gifted in this way.
Cristina Perez
Cristina Perez
Your motivation is key to my success.  You always push me to go further than I thought that I could.  You've been a huge blessing in my family's life.  I don't know how I would stay sane without you!