Who They Are & Something Only The People Closest To Them Know:

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She is a neurobiologist and a super nerd. She doesn’t look or act like one but she is. She is in love with the way the brain works. What most people don’t know is she is an identical twin.

Their Battle, Mentally Or Physically, They Fought And Came Out A Warrior:

Her strongest battle she has ever won is creating this book. She studied and researched everything so that she can in the future create a series of books to help everyone understand how neurology can help them in their everyday life. Her goal is to break it down into super simple systems to help people conquer fears like public speaking.

Warrior They Look Up To:

Her strongest inspiration is Chalene Johnson. She is a fitness celebrity trainer and well known for her fitness programs like Turbo Kickboxing and PiYo. She is a phenomenal business entrepreneur and so much more.

Heart Of The Interview:

If you are terrified of public speaking or just want to get better at public speaking this book will help. Through her use of story, Dr. Sabrina breaks down how to overcome anxiety and fear and embrace your power to speak in front of one or many. Her book is unique compared to all the other’s out there because of the raw story Dr. Sabrina shares in order to help others.

Additional Resources:

From Panic to Power with Public Speaking, Drop the Mic by Dr. Sabrina Segal

Chalene Johnson www.chalenejohnson.com

What Being A Warrior Means To Them:

It means constantly remaining committed and focused on your mission in life.

Their Greatest Life Lesson Learned:

Her greatest lesson is to remember to listen to your own voice.

Where You Can Find Them:


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