Who They Are & Something Only The People Closest To Them Know:

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Australian who lives in London. He does extreme adventure challenges. He helps people get out of their comfort zones in simple ways. He is a real food cook, motivational speaker, and coach. Something most people don’t know is that he battled depression and hid it from them for a long time.

Their Battle, Mentally Or Physically, They Fought And Came Out A Warrior:

His battle with depression is ongoing. When he started to speak about it openly after going through therapy it was a huge battle won for him.

Warrior They Look Up To:

His mom was his hope and inspiration during his battles.

Heart Of The Interview:

He felt like he was living a double life. He would train clients to reach their goals but had days where he didn’t want to get out of bed. He was a soccer player that had injuries which caused him not to play and thus started his depression. Luke talks openly and candidly about his battle with depression. He talks about how he was able to cope and handle his depression. You will really learn a lot from how he lived a double life to living a life of adventure.

What Being A Warrior Means To Them:

Fighting for something that you are passionate about.

Their Greatest Life Lesson Learned:

Enjoy your accomplishments.

Where You Can Find Them:





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