Helping others achieve health and happiness is goal one.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.  More often than not our new diets end up failing and we get stuck in this stop and go diet cycle.  There is a way to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle and I am here to teach you how.   How?  I have spent most of my life training, researching and learning about health and fitness, and now I am going to use my experience and knowledge to help YOU!

Wanna know the biggest hurdle to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  It’s YOU.  Now what do I mean by that?  It’s all mental.  Its about state of mind and motivation.  I am here to help you break thru the roadblocks.

I used to be just like you.  I used to struggle with my diet and weight, for a long time.  My fitness and health journey started when a very close friend of mine passed away, killed by a drunk driver.  My friend was a very active person and knowing now how fragile life way I wanted to honor her in my own way.  So I started training for my first marathon.

During that process my inner NERD came out and I became fascinated with the science behind training. That led me to obtaining two Bachelors Degrees in Exercise Sport Science and Psychology and a Masters in Health Business.  I became a personal trainer and group exercise instructor to help others on their fitness and health journeys..

Fast-forward 10 years from my first marathon (I’ve run nine so far).  I’ve trained hundreds of people, helped them lose hundreds of pounds. been a trainer in Hollywood and trained on Hollywood lots, trained CEO’s of top companies, and many others.  I have taught a wide variety of group exercise classes and have shared the stage with many amazing fitness professionals.

What all my experience has taught me is that I have the unique and awesome opportunity to share what I have learned and to help others achieve what may seem impossible by combining both my experience with fitness and my education in psychology.

From personal training, to teaching, to training for marathons and beyond I have learned and put together a system to help you maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle FOREVER.  My team and I are committed to sharing this system and helping you through social media, personal products, and more.

Ready? Great! Me too!

Michelle Rose